Latest Vinbrite with Vent Valve

ventassemblyblue-vinbrite-backThe first Vinbrite wine filter was originated way back in 1966. Over the  years, this filter kit has constantly been updated to keep at the forefront  of home wine filtration.

As we have for some time been researching new filter media, the Vinbrite filter kit has now been slightly modified to include certain changes that will considerably increase its performance.

As a result, we have now achieved a much faster flow rate whilst also producing an increased throughput of filtered wine. This has been the result of constant research into new filter media and the inclusion of a venting system for the filter body.

These new hi-tech pads are slightly thicker than the previous ones and are extremely efficient when compared to any other wine filtering media.

The Vinbrite instruction express that winemakers make sure that fermentation is completed before filtering. Whenever gas bubbles are seen rising in the transfer tube, this indicates that the wine is still working. In such cases, filtering should be stopped and the wine ferment out completely.

However, winemakers are often impatient and will frequently try to filter unstable wines. 97658750_8

When filtering and handling wine in general, minute gas bubbles may be released as the wine is disturbed resulting in a back pressure build-up in the filter body, which can also affect performance. The revised filter kit has now been designed to enable the winemaker to release any trapped air whilst filtering via the vent tube and tap.

The updating of this unique filter kit will keep the Vinbrite to the forefront of home wine filtration and will enable winemakers to filter wine more quickly to professional standards.


vinbriteassembledInsert a pad into the filter body
The Crystalbrite pad may be fitted either way.

Place the support disc on top of the pad.
Ensure that the side marked "A" faces the filter pad and that the 3 lugs are located into the slots of the filter body

Next screw the locking ring into the filter body to secure the pad. Be careful not to cross the thread.

Pour half a cupful of water over the pad to soften it. Then the locking ring MUST be tightened with the spanner provided.

Attach the funnel to the filter body.

Push the vent tube over the vent outlet making sure that the tap is closed.


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