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The TANK FILTRATION KIT is a considerable help in filtering wines when using a VINBRITE MK3 wine filter kit. It makes the filtration process easier, quicker and more economical.

Wines can be left to filter unattended.
The TANK FILTRATION method is a complimentary way of using the VINBRITE wine filter. It uses direct gravity feed which eliminates the possibility of trapping bubbles in the transfer tube when filtering new wines (especially with earlier Vinbrite filter kits without the top body venting system).

The principal is to have a plastic feed tank elevated directly over the filter with the receiving vessel below.

The TANK FILTRATION KIT is very simple equipment that includes a screw on Tank Filtration bracket, 2 screws, a 5 litre PET demi-john with dust cap, a flow control clip and a food quality washer.

The winemaker needs to select a suitable position in which to use the TANK FILTRATION and VINBRITE wine filter. The TF bracket should be fixed to a flat vertical surface at a minimum of 1.5 metres (5  feet) above the floor. If the height can be increased, the flow rate would be quicker.

To set up the equipment initially, all that is needed is to hold the bracket in the intended position, making sure that it is level, and mark the screw positions with a pencil. Insert the screws leaving sufficient protrusion to allow the bracket to slot over the screws.


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