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Please note, this item is no longer available.

The Dial-A-Country-Wine Winemakers Recipe Disc is a handy aid for making 
20 different fruity country wines.
From apple alphabetically through to strawberry, the Disc contains all the quantities of ingredients and additives to make some superb wines.
The back of the Disc shows simply and clearly all the necessary steps for making these wines.
The Recipe Disc is made from sturdy laminated board which will take wine spills without leaving any stain and is packaged in a strong resealable polythene case for safe keeping and costs only 2.65.
It is available from all good home winemaking stockists.

Winemakers Recipe Disc - Dial A Country Wine

Comments made by  Ms Evelyn Barrett, Editor of Homebrew Today:-
Have you got a glut of apples this year or does your local market have a bargain box of grapefruit or a `special` on peach punnets? The first thing you want is a recipe to transform them into Wine. Dial-A-Country-Wine produced by those well known wine experts Harris Filters will tell you everything you need to know. Produced on good thick laminated card, this most useful Recipe Disc should be hanging up in every winemakers kitchen, because you never know when someone is going to offer you some of their abundant crop of Blackberries or you see a wonderful Elderberry tree just ready for picking. And then do you need Pectic Enzyme or Tannin?

Just Dial-A-Country-Wine and you have the answer!  .............

Comments made by Paul McGill under the heading What’s New:-
Quietly coming on stage since the Trade Exhibition is one of the best gadgets for the hobbyist, and especially for the novice winemaker, that I have seen in years! It deserves a fanfare of trumpets. Harris Filters have brought out the Dial-A-Country-Wine Winemakers Recipe Disc. Twenty common ingredients from Apple alphabetically through to Strawberry are listed on a card with a revolving disc eyeletted to it. Cut-outs on the disc tell you the amount of fresh fruit to use for a gallon of wine, in Kg/lb., or what weight of dried or canned fruits to use if fresh fruit is not available. How much concentrate etc. to add, what additives and how much, and the type of yeast recommended, are all clearly shown in the apertures. On the back of the disc are shown quite clearly and simply the major steps in making your wine. The Dial-A-Country-Wine disc is printed in bright glossy colours on sturdy laminated board. I have (deliberately) spilled red wine on this device, and wiped it off without leaving any stain. It is robustly made, and even has a handy punch-hole so that it easily can be hung in your kitchen for ready reference.
What more could a winemaker ask for?
I wish Harris Filters had produced this 30 years ago when I was a novice, but perhaps they were then novices too.

Please note, this item is no longer available.

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