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quikf2Please note, this filter is not in production.

Only parts available are replacement 1, 2 & 3.

Earlier filter kits relied upon the use of filter powders or pads however, during 1980, HARRIS FILTERS introduced an entirely new concept in wine filtration, namely the QUIKFINE KIT. It was capable of combing fining and filtering into one very simple operation.
It uses crystals and powder which when mixed with the wine and then passed through a special filter bag, effectively removes dead yeast and other haze forming particles.

The kit contains a plain plastic bucket with lid, spouted plastic bucket, special cloth filter bag, plastic tail-tube, crystals, liquid finings and powder, together with full instructions.

With this kit it is no longer necessary to wait months, weeks or even days for a wine to clear.

It will fine, filter and polish wines to a really radiant finish without any wine losses.

It is now possible to filter very cloudy wines to brilliance with true colour and within the same day...... which is very impressive!

 It is quite exciting to see cloudiness disappear and the wine shine through with dazzling clarity.

Users of this kit describe it as follows:

 .... "amazing"  
......"renewed my interest in winemaking"
....."it's really magic"
.... "it's unbelievable"  
...."makes all my wines shine"
.....etc, etc.

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