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Order Tramadol Online IndiaPectinaze is a brand new product (September 2015) from Harris Filters that replaces Super Enzyme.

It is a highly concentrated form of liquid Pectic Enzyme. It is supplied in an easy to use 15ml plastic bottle. The dose rate for wines and ciders is 10 drops per 5 litres (1 gallon). It does not matter if you add too much, you cannot overdose on this enzyme – in fact, the more you use the faster it works.

Pectinaze will remove both soluble and insoluble pectin as well as arabanes.

Araban (Arabinoxylan) is a type of hemicellulase (xylanase) found in some plant cell walls & can cause cloudiness in juices.

Each bottle contains enough enzyme to treat 20 gallons of wine or cider.


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