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The word Melius is Latin for “do it better” and the new Melius range will help you to do just that, by taking your beer and winemaking skills up a level.

In wine and cider making, the correct acid levels will enhance the final taste of the finished product, yet it is very often overlooked by many as being too complex. We supply easy to use test strips that show the acid content of wines and ciders. Adding either an acid or acid reducer will alter the chemistry of the liquid. The final taste will be much better and well worth the little effort that is used.

In mashing, obtaining the correct water balance is essential to achieving a great beer. We provide simple acid test strips for beer as well as water hardness test strips. Once you know what your levels are, simply adding one of the adjustments will alter the chemistry and enhance the final result of your beer.

We are also introducing additives that will enhance a wine, beer or cider.

Currently, in the Melius range we produce:
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