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Order Tramadol Online IndiaThese pads must be fitted with the smoother patterned side facing the locking ring (rougher crater looking side facing the Filter Body). As this pad is thicker, there is no need to fit the Support Disc but do ensure that the Locking Ring is fully tightened against the pad using a Vinbrite spanner.

Filtabrite are fine grade pads, offering excellent value. They are specifically designed to filter wines slowly, maximising the time that wine is in contact with the pad. The longer wait will be rewarded with the highest clarity in your finished wines. They are part of a system of pads that are available for the Vinbrite Filter and are particularly effective when filtering pre-fined wines.

The performance of the pad can be improved by first passing your wine through the coarse grade Prime Pad. This will improve flow rates and extend the life of the Filtabrite Pad.

Also available are Premium Grade Crystalbrite Pads. These are technical pads offering excellent clarity and faster flow rates.


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