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Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Vinbrite Filter Kit.

Is the Vinbrite Filter easy to operate?
Yes. It is very easy to assemble with minimal parts and comes with clear detailed instructions. Assembly will only take a few minutes and you will be ready to start.

Does filtering affect the final colour?
No. As the filter pad only traps the floating debris that are too fine to settle, no colour is removed. Filtration is a physical process, not chemical.

Does filtering affect the taste?
No it will not. However, as you have removed dead yeast cells from the wine, you should experience the fresher true taste of your wine.

Can you filter spirits?
Yes. The Vinbrite Filter can filter any spirit that you make. This may be necessary if a flavour that is added makes your spirit cloudy. By passing it through the Vinbrite Filter kit, it will bring the clarity back to a commercial standard.

Can you filter a wash before distilling?
Yes. You will get a better distillation result by filtering the wash beforehand. The pad will remove any residual yeast cells that could otherwise break open in the boiling process, releasing off flavours. Also, if you have added carbon, this will form a layer on the pad that the wash will pass through. As the wash is being forced through the carbon again, it will absorb more impurities for the distillation process. Filtering a wash will result in a cleaner final spirit.

How good is the final clarity?
The final clarity of filtered wines is astounding. You will get commercial results in your home made wines that will impress you and your friends. Even clear wines will get an extra shine by filtering.

Can you filter liqueurs?
Although you could filter a liqueur such as sloe gin, the process will be very slow and could even stop the filter. A liqueur contains a lot of sticky sweet syrup that clogs a filter pad. You would be advised to use filter papers as they are coarser, but even these will be slow. If you do intend to use a filter pad, Prime Pads are the ideal choice.

Is pre-rinsing with water necessary?
Yes. This is important for two reasons. Firstly it will swell the pad and open the pores, making filtering easier and quicker. Secondly it will wash the pad removing any loose fibres that may be present from the manufacturing process.

Is it necessary to syphon off the sediment?
Yes. It is very important that you syphon your wine from any sediment before attempting to filter. Sediment is made up of thick viscous debris and is full of dead yeast cells, which will quickly block the pores of a filter pad. By removing the sediment beforehand, you will get more wine through the filter pad and achieve a better flow rate.

How long will it take to filter wine?
This is difficult to predict, as there are many factors that can influence the flow rate. Passing a thick cloudy wine through a filter will slow the filtration process and could even stop the flow. By fining a wine before filtering, you will get more wine through a pad with improved flow rates.

What is the optimum flow rate?
A slow flow rate is far more effective as it increases contact time with the pad. Pressure filters often force smaller particles of haze through the pad resulting in a poorer clarity. In general, the golden rule is the slower the flow rate, the better the clarity. Therefore be patient and maybe consider filtering wines overnight to avoid the watched kettle syndrome!

What types of filter pad are available?
There are currently 3 different grades of pads available for the Vinbrite Filter Kit: Prime Pads, Crystalbrite Pads and Filtabrite Pads. These pads come in a white bag with colour coded print and each pack contains 5 filter pads.
Prime Pads are a coarse grade pre-treatment pad and are part of a system of pads that are available for the Vinbrite Filter. They will enhance the overall performance of your Filter by removing larger solids and colloidal particles that may block finer filter pads.
You may not notice significant differences in the clarity of your wine after passing through the Prime Pad, but the subsequent flow rate and performance of Filtabrite or Crystalbrite Pads will be improved.
Crystalbrite are premium grade technical pads offering excellent clarity and faster flow rates. They are part of a system of pads that are available for the Vinbrite Filter. The performance of the pad can be improved by first passing your wine through a coarse grade Prime Pad. This will improve flow rates and extend the life of the Crystalbrite Pad.
Filtabrite are fine grade pads, offering excellent value. They are specifically designed to filter wines slowly, maximising the time that wine is in contact with the pad. The longer wait will be rewarded with the highest clarity in your finished wines. They are part of a system of pads that are available for the Vinbrite Filter, and are particularly effective when filtering pre-fined wines. These pads must be fitted with the smoother patterned side facing the locking ring (rougher crater looking side facing inside the Filter Body). As this pad is thicker, there is no need to fit the Support Disc but do ensure that the Locking Ring is fully tightened against the pad using a Vinbrite spanner. The performance of the pad can be improved by first passing your wine through the coarse grade Prime Pad. This will improve flow rates and extend the life of the Filtabrite Pad.


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