The Corny Keg S30 Gas Adapter allows the use of the Hambleton Bard S30 gas cylinder to be used with Corny, AEB and other metal style barrels that have a ball-lock post.

  • Fits Corny, AEB, and all kegs fitted with a ball valve disconnect
  • For use with Hambleton Bard S30 style gas cylinders (which are readily available)
  • The perfect solution to make your Corny keg portable
  • Avoids the need for large pub style cylinders to carbonate your keg
  • The perfect solution for using your keg for camping, caravanning and outdoor events.
  • Easily removed so one adapter will service any number of kegs
  • Comes complete with a brass S30 adapter and high-quality gas in disconnect ball valve

You do not need a large cylinder or regulator to use this adapter. Due to the small size, it is easily stored and can be used if you take your keg away.

To use, push the grey valve onto the gas in post until it locks. Screw the Hambleton Bard S30 Gas Cylinder onto the valve to inject gas. Do not exceed a one-second burst of gas. The adapter can then be released from the keg and the gas bottle unscrewed from the valve.

Also available is a pin valve version for use with gas bulbs.


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