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Cider Clear finings are a very powerful form of dry isinglass finings. Isinglass is one of the main fining agents for clearing beer in the world and is used by virtually all commercial breweries. It works by attaching to the haze particles, making them heavier and start to settle. As they fall out of suspension, the attract other haze particles enabling a faster sediment formation. When the sediment is formed, this then gets compacted due to the weight of the particles, reducing waste.

All that is needed to prepare the Cider Clear is to mix it in half cup of cold water, mixing with a fork for at least 1 minute, then leave this for 15 minutes to absorb the water. Then, give another mix for at least 1 minute and the finings are ready to use. This has the benefit of producing the finings with 100% activity, so you are using a more powerful and stronger finings. This results in clear beer quickly with a more compact sediment.

When liquid isinglass is manufactured, it starts to deteriorate. The longer it is kept, the less fining properties are left in the product. As the Cider Clear was freeze-dried when it was made up, and then you are adding the water later on, you are using the full 100% fining properties.


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