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Order Tramadol Online IndiaAcid Blend is a granulated blend of the three most commonly found fruit acids: citric acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid. It is added directly to a wine or must to raise its acidity level when necessary.

Just add to the wine must. A blend of acids mixed in the right proportions will increase the quality of a finished wine and will be better than just using 1 type of acid.

Most wine recipes will only call for citric acid, however, this will not produce the best wine. The acid balance of grapes comprises 50% tartaric, 40% malic and 10% citric. The best acid blends are not equal amounts of the acids, but a formulation of the acids to provide the best end result in a wine.

We use a mix that provides the correct acid balance for any wine
45% Tartaric Acid, 35% Malic Acid’ 20% Citric Acid.

What books say about mixed acids:

Progressive Winemaking by Peter Duncan & Bryan Acton
“Experiments with acid-deficient musts have indicated that neither citric, malic or tartaric acids on their own provide a perfect acid balance. The best results were in fact achieved with a mixture of these three acids.”


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